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Important Notice

Recently, somebody pretend our company to advertise on internet and request payment to a personal account.

Our company’s bank account is registered in Bank of China and account name is “Dream House Property Limited”. Please do not pay cash or bank transfer to any private account or other company bank account.

If you have any question or curious, please contact us at [email protected] or (tel)2494 9488 or contact the police directly.

Dream House Property Limited



本公司的銀行户口是在香港中國銀行以「理想置業有限公司」註冊。 請勿以現金付款或轉帳至任何私人或其他公司户口。

如發現或懷疑有不法分子冒充本公司名義進行銷售或有任何議問 請聯絡我們 [email protected] / 電話 2494 9488 或直接與警方聯絡。


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